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Play, learn and tune your guitar with this virtual guitar app!

Virtual Acoustic Guitar is an easy to use, multi functional tool for anyone who is either learning, or just starting to come to grips with playing guitar.

Fully interactive interface and guide! - Not only does the neat interface allow you to see exactly where your fingers need to be for each chord, it'll let you play it from the app itself! Each string is fully interactive allowing you to ensure that you're actual guitar is playing the way it should be.

Guitar on the move! - Not only is Virtual Acoustic Guitar great for times where you need to learn chords in a pinch, it's brilliant to use on the go when your guitar isn't to hand! Easily switch-able chords and a fully interactive interface truly allow you to turn your ANDROID device into a much smaller, and much more portable, acoustic guitar. The app also features a standard Tuner!

Dedicated Developers - The app is brand new and is still being developed to be the best it can be, and we welcome any feedback to help us improve! We're committed to making the most out of the apps and games we make, so if you pay for the full, ad-less app, you'll get full, committed developers! (And many more chords)

DON'T FORGET! - If you find this app useful, or enjoy using it to help you play, please RATE and REVIEW!


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